This Florida City Is the Best Place to Retire in the U.S., According to Experts (Video)

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The prospect of retiring one day can be both thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time. It’s a time in life that should be enjoyed to the fullest, so having a plan on how, when, and where to retire is key.

Though it’s on you to decide when you want to retire and create a financial plan to help you get there, we can at least help you narrow down a few ideal places to spend your golden years.

SmartAsset, a website that helps people connect with financial advisors, recently rounded up the top nine places to retire around the world. And its top choice is a lot closer than you may expect.

According to SmartAsset, the best place to retire in the United States, and one of the best places to retire in the entire world, is none other than Naples, Florida.

SmartAsset reps explained that it came to this conclusion after reviewing the tax burden as well as the prevalence of medical centers, recreation centers, retirement communities, and other seniors.

“The city is in the southwestern region of Florida, situated just on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Naples is such a popular retirement destination that fully half of its population are senior citizens,” reps for SmartAsset explained. “With golf courses galore and ample access to health care facilities, it’s no mystery why.”

It noted, for most Americans, Naples provides a great change of scenery and nearly ideal weather without the burden of having to move to a new country where they may need to adapt to a new culture and language. And, it added, it’s a mere 40-minute drive to a regional airport and just two hours to an international airport, so seniors can continue traveling as much as they’d like.

The only other U.S. destination to make the list was Beverly Hills, California. Though it’s still expensive, SmartAsset said it added it to the list thanks to its proximity to medical care, recreation, and ideal weather.

Want to see where else you should consider retiring? Check out SmartAsset’s list, or, start planning your round-the-world retirement travels instead.